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Cloud POS, Restaurant POS, Retail POS & GST POS System. Call (+965 99534388)

Phomello Windows

Phomello Windows

The Best EPOS Solution for Your Hospitality Business- Phomello Hospitality. Basic requirement of the hospitality business is a management system that is designed to meet key business demands ...

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Phomello Windows

Phomello TriggerPOS

Phomello TriggerPOS is the perfect solution for faster GST enabled billing and customer service. Phomello TriggerPOS is indispensable in today’s retail and hospitality sectors. It is efficient, easy to use ...

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Restaurant & Cafe

Phomello offers Hospitality solutions for standalone restaurants to multi chain restaurants with KDS, OrderTaking, Call center, Dispatch, AndroidPOS and Cloud back office. Phomello makes it easy to manage and automate restaurant operations from any corner of the world.


Games Amusement Parks

POS  Games Amusement Parks Debit card, credit card and cashless payments to Self service Kiosk, Phomello hospitality offers complete hardware & software solutions for Games & Amusement parks. Integrated POS and cloud back office help business owners to manage and expand business quickly.


Health Clubs, Spa & Saloons

Makeover your Salon POS with Phomello Hospitality Salon and Spas Point of Sale System! From appointment scheduling to confirmation reminders with email messaging, Phomello is tailored to dress up your business with the latest features and integrated access controls for various spa services.

Food Courts

Food Courts

Growing business of food courts in the malls, Phomello – Hospitality provides complete debit card / credit card solution with Restaurant POS including DineIN, Table management & KDS –modules.

Menu Engineering tools that are easy to use and highly customizable, for all sizes Restaurants

Phomello Menu management is a crucial component of restaurant software that allows restaurants to efficiently create, update, and manage their menus. Effective menu management software not only simplifies the process of keeping your menu up to date but also helps optimize menu performance, manage inventory, and enhance the customer experience.

- Real-Time Updates: Instantly update menu items, prices, and descriptions across all locations.

- Menu Engineering: Analyze menu performance to identify popular and profitable items.

- Modifiers and Customizations: Easily add modifiers and customization options for items.

- Digital Menu Boards: Integrate with digital menu boards for seamless updates.

- Seasonal Menus: Create and schedule seasonal or special event menus.

Designed for Windows provides a comprehensive solution to streamline operations

Phomello restaurant management system leverages cloud technology to streamline and optimize various operations within a restaurant. This type of system offers numerous benefits and features that help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience.

Phomello Restaurant management software for Windows offers a powerful and flexible solution to manage restaurant operations efficiently. By integrating essential functions such as POS, inventory management, employee scheduling, and customer relationship management into one system, it helps restaurants enhance their service, reduce costs, and make data-driven decisions. Whether for a small cafe or a large chain, adopting such software can significantly contribute to a restaurant's success and growth.

Streamline operations, Enhance Customer experience, and improve overall efficiency

Phomello Restaurant management software for Windows can revolutionize the way you run your restaurant, making operations more efficient, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing profitability. Through the integration of POS systems, inventory management, employee management, CRM, online ordering, and analytics, you can create a streamlined and efficient system tailored to your restaurant’s needs. Implementing the right tools and continuously optimizing your processes will help you stay competitive and thrive in the fast-paced restaurant industry.

- Streamlines order taking and payment processing.

- Reduces errors and improves order accuracy.

- Integrates with other systems like inventory and accounting.

- Automates order processes to save time and reduce manual errors.

Built for Restaurant
built for you

Phomello is cloud-based restaurant POS system offers offline billing capabilities, ensuring seamless service even when the internet connection is unreliable. Rest assured, all your data will be securely synced with the cloud once you are back online. Phomello is cloud-based restaurant POS system offers offline billing capabilities, ensuring seamless service even when the internet connection is unreliable. Rest assured, all your data will be securely synced with the cloud once you are back online.


Table Management

Multiple Payment

Easy Stock Tracking

Order Processing

Performance Tracking

Loyalty Programs

Special offers and Promotions

Inventory Reports

Cloud Syncing

Dynamic Pricing

Bill Splitting


A Single QR Code for Simplified and Fast Order & Pay

Customers can order by scanning a QR code can greatly enhance the dining experience by making it more convenient and efficient. This technology allows customers to view menus, place orders, and even pay using their smartphones, reducing wait times and improving overall service quality.

Implementing a QR code ordering system can significantly enhance your restaurant's efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. By making the ordering process more seamless and modern, you can provide a better dining experience while also gathering valuable data to further refine your offerings and operations. With careful planning and execution, this technology can be a game-changer for your restaurant business.

Simple, affordable POS system with powerful tablet ordering capabilities.

Implementing a tablet-based ordering system in your restaurant can significantly enhance the dining experience, improve operational efficiency, and increase sales. Tablets can be used by both staff and customers to streamline the ordering process, reduce wait times, and minimize order errors.

By choosing the right hardware and software, training your staff, and continuously optimizing the system based on feedback, you can significantly enhance service quality, increase sales, and streamline your restaurant’s operations.

Streamline operations, improve customer service, and increase Profitability

Choosing the right POS Phomello for your restaurant involves considering your specific operational needs, budget, and the level of support and training available. Each of the options listed above offers unique features and benefits that can help streamline operations, improve customer service, and increase profitability. By implementing a robust POS system, you can enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your restaurant’s management and operations.

- Highly customizable interface to fit specific needs.

- Cloud-based system with offline capabilities.

- Integration with various third-party applications.

- Strong support and training resources.